Below is a list of our current pranks. Please select one, and remember the prank number

Mobile Disconnects

1. Your Mobile is about to be disconnected!

Your victim will receive a call from the disconnections team after the accounts team have failed to collect payment!

Take Away

2. Where's my take-away!

Listen in while this prank winds your victim up! An angry Scottish man has mistaken your victims number for his local takeaway!

Live Show List

3. Radio Show Competition!

Congratulations! Your victim has been selected as the final contestant on SunShine FM's quiz show!

Hiring Car List

4. Damaged Hire Car?

A hyper woman from a hire car firm wants to give your victim a bit of grief about the damage on the car they returned!

Booking List

5. Your booking with a Male Prostitute...

Adam calls to confirm his booking. He has to be discreet as he's a bisexual male prostitute...

Downloading Porn List

6. You have been caught illegally downloading porn!

Your Internet Service Provider calls to explain that....

New Pranks and Feedback

This is your site and we are constantly working on new pranks to improve the service. If you have a suggestion for a prank, we would love to hear about it on our FEEDBACK page. If we think it is funny enough, we'll include it in our prank list and send you a £10 voucher. Can't get better than that!


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